Tips To Create An Astonishing Photography Portfolio Website

Some tips and hints will help you to create a good impressing portfolio website, which you would be proud to show to your prospective clients. There are mainly two types of portfolio websites. One is predesigned portfolio website and the other is custom designed portfolio website.

Predesigned portfolio website

Creating your own portfolio website is very cheap. This is significantly cheaper than the custom designed portfolio website. So, if you are just starting as a freelance photographer, looking for the ways by which you can save costs then you can choose predesigned portfolio website. But using the predesigned template would not give you enough options. This approach would not take more than a day or two.

Custom designed websites

The other option is to take on to a design agency. This would cost you more but the major advantage to this approach is that you would get the unique and customized website that matches with a personality you are attempting to project. Designers would understand how to optimize your site for the incorporate convenience for the readers and search engine. You would also get a designer who would keep on updating the website for you with information and new photos or you can have an option of control your content, where you can even do it yourself. So, here you would keep your site with new developments and content.

So here are few points that you need to know for creating a custom designed websites:

Show the best of your work and keep it brief

A prospective client would not like to look at your all the photos you have taken up till date. They are only interested in looking to your best of work, therefore select few images from each category for example: 10 landscape images, 10 wedding shots etc.

Social media

Do not ignore the online social media, be connected with facebook, twitter and Flicker to display your photography. All the links must be exhibited on your portfolio website

Regular updates

Your custom designed portfolio website should be updated regularly. Firstly it would reveal that you are a popular photographer and secondly as you will shoot more, it would enhance your standard and style.


Make sure that your navigation links are placed prominently.

Communicate your personality

Your website should not be having a simple white background. Try to use it to communicate your style and personality to prospective clients.

Learn Digital Photography – Back To The Basics With Books

You can call it the digital disease of photography or perhaps the death of photography. The reality is that digital has caused a decline in the quality of photography. There are several reasons, one of them being the speed of digital and the resulting lack of thought before the shutter is released. Quick on the draw and not enough careful consideration.

This has been a hobby horse of mine for a few years and some have said get off and stop flogging a dead horse. They may be right and maybe a little wrong. But, there is a solution or rather a number of solutions. The one I want to consider is getting back to basics. In most vocations when skills diminish it’s time to get back to basics. This is where the problem lies in digital photography. The bottom line is that in order to learn digital photography you need to learn the basics of photography.

There are two things that need to be done then. Get back to the basics or if you haven’t learnt the basics, begin with them. Here is where the big question lies. How do we get back or begin with the basics. The operative word is learning. Learn photography or learn digital photography. Picking up a camera and shooting doesn’t make you a photographer. So what do we do? Acquire the skills. This is much easier said than done.

Our current generation is the most fortunate generation as we have the internet and the ability to read, read and read. Again easier said than done. What I would like to suggest is that acquire specific literature i.e. books on photography. The internet is full of them especially electronic downloadable editions. But lets go beyond this and back to the paper books. There are a number I’d consider to be fundamental to any aspiring photographer’s library. So here are a few suggestions:

1. The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby gives you the simple insider tips pros use. It’s easy to understand and very simple to apply resulting in great photographs.

2. Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera (Updated Edition) by Bryan Peterson

Exposure and how to use aperture and shutter speed always confused me until I read Bryan Peterson’s book on exposure. A must have book in your library.

3. The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman

Michael has been around for donkey’s years and handles a subject that every digital photographer needs. Composition. By understanding composition your photographs will improve a hundredfold.

4. Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color & Composition in Photography (Updated Edition) by Bryan Peterson

For some of us seeing creatively is a natural ability while with others it’s something we need to learn or acquire. This is one of the best books I have read on creativity in photography.

5. Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang

Tom Ang has been around a long time and with this book takes you further along you photographic journey. Great assignments throughout this book. He will take you to a new level.

6. Understanding Shutter Speed: Creative Action and Low-Light Photography Beyond 1/125 Second by Bryan Peterson

This book is linked with his other one on exposure and helps cement your understanding of how to use your shutter speed.

7. Understanding Digital Photography: Techniques for Getting Great Pictures by Bryan Peterson

Getting the shot is what it is all about. Bryan gets you thinking before your press the shutter button too quickly and succumb to the disease of digital. If there was a one man solution to this problem it’s Bryan Peterson.

These are just some of my favourite authors and photographers who have enhanced my photography dramatically. By going back to the principles of good photographic composition and learning photography and not just digital photography you’ll become a better a more rounded photographer. Don’t allow digital to take you backwards. Take the principles of great photography and apply them to digital. Remember, great photographers take great photos using any medium, digital or film. Keep learning and don’t stop making great images.

Memories Captured By Photography

Some of the best memories captured by photography are those that depict a child in the first moments of birth. Many families get a preview of their child through the technological advances of photography that are depicted through a viewing screen. The sonogram photographs are almost as real as the actual birth pictures but they are taken while the child is still in the womb, sleeping peacefully and unaware of the world that awaits them.

Other memories captured by photography will serve as a record of events that occur during the life of a child. Parents will naturally try to take many photographs as the child graduates from one grade level to another in school. They will also try to capture on film such monumental events as when they their child took their first steps and the large smile that is accented by the two front teeth at the bottom front of the mouth of the child.

Many memories captured by photography will last a lifetime and some of them serve to remind people of how they began their life together. Wedding photographs are memories captured by photography that are what couples hope are once in a lifetime memories. The first time that a newly married couple dances together after the marriage ceremony is naturally placed in the wedding album among memorable events to gain a strong foothold on a new life together.

Every achievement in life will be considered memories captured by photography that records in a split second various occurrences in life that will never be repeated again. The memories of a child graduating from high school and receiving their diploma from the principal are memories that will cause parents to have great pride in the skills in parenting that they used through the years of raising their children.

Some of these events will be captured on digital photography devices that are in still mode and movie formats. The memories captured by photography in any form will serve as solace to many people over a lifetime because some of the subjects in the photographs will pass away and the photographic views that are left behind are the only images available for people who love them to remember them by.

The memories captured by photography can be stored upon desks for public viewing, or kept in memory albums in several homes of the family unit. The lasting reminders that are captured on photographic paper will eventually fade from view as the effects of the environment remove bits of the image from the paper or from the wear and tear and constant handling that is caused by sporadic viewing of the photographic images that the photographs will incur over many years.

Using A Ringflash For Nude And Glamour Photography

Ringflash; otherwise known as a ringlight is a circular shaped flash that fits around the lens of your camera and while it is often thought of purely as a flash for closeup macro photography it has also been a favourite choice of professional photographers shooting models for many years due to the unique and very particular lighting effect it produces.

Some people say that ringflash produces shadow free lighting but this is not entirely accurate. Try placing a model next to a wall and you will see a uniform shadow outlining the model’s body. One of the noteworthy effects of a ringflash is the way it tends to evenly illuminate the centre of a subject and then go slightly darker towards the edges, however this fall off is often invisible until you are quite far away from the subject on a full body shot. This can be particularly effective with nudes and glamour images because it helps to sculpt the appearance of the body.

When shooting in a situation with plenty of natural daylight, ringflash is an ideal option for adding punchy even lighting that separates your model from the background, though it’s often quite tricky to handle due to its size. Considerable practice will be required at first but when you get this right the result will really sparkle.

In a studio situation the ringflash requires some special attention because it has no model light and also because there is a risk of red eye with any flash that is on the same axis as the lens. Sometimes it can be useful to place a small tungsten light unit in the room, which is not strong enough to alter the overall effect but sufficient to remove the red eye and also assist with focus.

Most macro photography is done with small portable ringflash units but for photographing nudes or glamour images you may well need a larger studio sized unit that plugs into a powerful pack. These are considerably more expensive and require more care in use. You will also be unable to use the built in TTL metering of your digital SLR in most cases, so a hand held flash meter will be required for accurate results and the use of a tripod is generally recommended.
Some ringflash units have the facility to change the front diffuser, so you can vary the light quality from quite soft to remarkably hard. It’s important to note that ringflash can often produce extremely punchy results, contrary to common belief, which then requires very extensive skin retouching in postproduction, so it will take time and experimentation to find the right balance.

Get Dofollow Backlinks To Your Wedding Photography Blog!

If you have a wedding photography or digital photography blog, getting free targeted traffic is heavily based on where you are sitting on the SERP’s listings. In other words if you type in your keywords that you are campaigning for on Google, have a look to see where you are ranked.

Trying to improve your rankings on Google is known as Search engine optimisation or SEO. Google ranks websites based on the external backlinks pointing to a given site and is also determined by the quality of the link and its relevance.

The higher up you are on the search display the higher the page rank and the more traffic you will receive for that particular keyword.

Improving your rankings is by getting backlinks to your site which have the Dofollow tags in the website source. One method is known as blog commenting on sites which are relevant to your niche. If you have a wedding photography blog then you would actively comment on these sites with good relevant feedback that will add to the discussion.

There are two types of tags implemented on the blogs in the source section. They are known as Nofollow and Dofollow! Google basically ranks a site by the quality of the Dofollow links that are pointing to your website.

NoFollow Blog Links!

Blog commenting on NOFOLLOW tages have ZERO effect on Search Engine rankings, and is a complete waste of time in terms of SEO.

Where Can You Find Dofollow Blogs!

A Quick method to find these blogs is by placing the keywords “Dofollow Wedding Blogs” in the Google search box. You will find hundreds of blogs that have these tags implemented on their sites. There are also software tools that can do the work for you when it comes to finding these Dofollow blogs.

A word of warning, Google has changed its laws and can penalise blog owners for spamming sites to increase their page ranks via automated means. So, build your links naturally over time rather than trying to get 1000 links pointing to your site in a week.

To check if a blog has enabled the Dofollow tags, Mozilla firefox has a great SEO plugin which can easily find the tags for you. Do a search on the Mozilla Firefox add on for “Quick Search Status” and install the plugin.

You will get knocked of your page rank faster that you got there! Earning respect from Google is by building your keyword campaign naturally. Avoid spamming blog sites, implement different URL’s when commenting to allow for deeper linking, indexing and of course making the process natural and in compliance with Google’s stringent rules.

BUT since many people used this system to post spam, most blogs have inserted the NOFOLLOW tag to their commenting systems, which tells Google and the other search engines to ignore the link. So keep it natural and don’t spam!

Understanding the Different Wedding Photography Styles

Apart from choosing the right wedding photographer, you will also need to make sure that you have selected the right style for your album. You will probably feel a bit confused in the beginning because of the numerous options, which is why you can rely on the following guide to differentiate between the possibilities.

Reportage Wedding Photography

This style happens to be quite popular because it is the most natural and casual approach. There is no excessive staging and the reportage wedding photographer tries to capture the best moments without forcing a particular theme.

In its essence, reportage wedding photography is a hands off approach. Regardless of the fact that it does not require staging and props, this style is probably the most difficult one to execute properly. The experience of the reportage wedding photographer is going to be determining factor for satisfaction in the outcome.

Avant Garde Wedding Photography

Strange camera angles and the artistic vision of the photographer are two of the factors that will contribute to spectacular avant garde pictures.

Every person has their unique understanding of what avant garde is. This is why the genre encompasses many possibilities. It is up to you and the photographer to select the particular approach that will deliver the best results.

Avant garde photography is a less popular option than reportage photography. It requires more creativity, the creation of a concept and some preliminary work. Some people find the result weird and prefer to stick to traditional photography.

A highly artistic approach, this one may fail to capture the essence of your wedding day. Think carefully before opting for avant garde photography.

Retro Photography

Retro photography has a particular warmth and charm that so many people feel attracted to.

This photography style carries the nostalgia of days gone by. It can rely on black and white pictures or other filters that will make the photographs look older. Black and white photography strips the photo to the bare essentials, which is why it could prove to be tremendously aesthetically pleasing.

The skill of the wedding photographer is once again vitally important to ensure your satisfaction. Make sure that the professional has experience in retro photography and examine the portfolio before agreeing to anything.

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is another crowd pleaser, though many people have started replacing traditional photos with reportage wedding photography.

Traditional wedding photographs are timeless and classical. They often include props and there could be a photo session taking place prior to the ceremony. The outcome is more staged than the results of reportage wedding photography but these pictures are quite beautiful to look at.

The bride and groom will be asked to pose and some people may feel uncomfortable with this aspect of traditional wedding photography. Make sure that both of you are ready for this kind of challenge.

Choosing the right style and the right wedding photography will give you beautiful memories of your most special day. Stay away from fashions and contemporary trends. Trust your instincts, if you really want to get the best possible pictures.

Importance of Wedding Photography

One of the most important factors of a wedding is the wedding photography. The wedding photography is what is left when everything else has been packed up and put away. It’s the pictures that will be looked at by generations to come. Photographs are the most tangible item you walk away with. Therefore, it is imperative to hire the best photographer for your tastes Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception. It is a major commercial endeavor that supports the bulk of the efforts for many photography studios or independent photographers.

Wedding photography is the best way to immortalize your special day. You only get one chance (hopefully) of capturing your wedding day, so it is wise to employ a professional wedding photographer for this important task. Do you want to look back fondly a remember just how great your wedding was, how happy all of your family and friends were or will you look back regretfully having wished you hired an experienced, professional photographer. It’s fine to have family and friends bring a camera and take photos of their own, but at the end of the day having professional quality photos taken using professional equipment will produce results that you will be able to treasure for years and even share with future generations.

Another important aspect of having your wedding photograph is a rare get-together. Actually, in our daily routine, it is not possible for us to keep in touch with every relative and friends. But while preparing the guest list we generally try to include everybody. Weddings are the only occasions that you can find everybody to present and share their joys and sorrows. It will be a good idea to capture these moments in your wedding. Wedding does not only imply the union of two individual. It is the union of two families, who come forward to bless the couple for their future. If you are planning to capture these blessed moments, you certainly cannot miss the photography of your big day. If you look at the other aspect of wedding photography, you may agree with the importance it has in everybody’s life. After the marriage, if a couple needs to stay far away due to reasons such as job, you may ask who their companion will be. Of course the answer will be their wedding photographs. Yes, looking at those wonderful photographs of various ceremonies, wedding dresses and dance, gives a sense of togetherness, even if they are miles apart.

Enjoy Aerial Photography in New Orleans

Aerial photography is become a hobby and many people are enjoying using drones for aerial photography in their spare time. With more and more advancement in this technology more drones with better facilities have come in the market which makes aerial photography a pleasure. Micro quadcopter, HubsanX4 and Estes Proto X mini quadcopter have come in the market which is a little more advanced than the previous drones. There are some that are smartphone operated likeParrot AR drone 2.0, storm drone 6 GPS and UDI U8i8A camera quadcopter. These are the later ones that you can have your pick.

All depends on how much you are willing to pay to avail of this facility as a hobby. For those who are using these facilities for research it is a different matter. When you want to buy a drone it is advisable to decide whether you want it with a camera and how much load it can carry if you are deciding to install a camera.

What has Aerial Photography Panama City FL to Offer?

Aerial photography in different states has advanced in different ways. In New Orleans, Web Atude has 2 drones which have the ability to record videos or pictures from different angles simultaneously giving you multiple pictures of high quality.There is another drone too HD 1080p which provides videos of high clarity which can be used for any research.

If you do not buy a drone with a built-in camera then you will have to choose one that is ideal for its weight. The black edition of GoPro Hero 3 is the best addition since it weighs only 75 grams and can record video of 2600 x1500pixels at 45Mbps. It also has Wi-Fi that helps you to download pictures with maximumrapport using accessories which are of third party.

Watch Aerial Videography in Florida for Quality Videos

In Florida there are companies using drones that provide quality videos from aerial videography. For those who require quality videos can contact these companies and they will providevideos at very affordable rates. The drones used in aerial videography are of excellent quality having radio controlled services for providing quality videos.

Whenever you are involved in aerial photography or videography you do not require a very sophisticated camera but there should be no vibration to get quality photos. Air turbulence and sometimes the engine of the drone can be the cause of vibration that can spoil the photographs. Small drones tend to vibrate a lot specially when there is slight breeze so to prevent these vibration isolators and gimbals are used. At large apertures fastlenses should be used to get good pictures.

Aerial Photography at its Best

Aerial Videos have been stabilized using gimbals. A gimbal is a small support that allows the camera to move around on its axis. You can get gimbals for GoPro cameras for as little as $150. These can be fixed to the bottom of the aerial platform which helps to prevent vibration. To know where you are flying thedrone from the ground you have to use video transmitter which will help you to get good noise free videos.